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I was forced to go on a guided tour, becuase a busticket to Hebron is almost just as expensive. At first i didn't like that, but i'm glad that i took the guided tour after all. To me, this was one of the best things i did there. All this time i had been surrounded by Jews, hearing their side of the story. The tour guide was a Palestine, (finally) giving the other side of the story. It's always good to hear both sides i think. Of course i realised his story was a bit coloured (as well), but, although by that time i had been in Israel for nearly 2 months, only then it was that i finally began to understand why there are so much tensions.

Tension Area 1
One of the areas where there are a lot of tensions between jews and arabs

Tension Area 2
Another area where there are a lot of tensions. You might remember this one from the news.

Tension Area 3
And another one. According to the guide there are fights here every afternoon.

Heavily Secured Church
A heavily garded church. Years ago, there had been a bloodbath - after that they decided to devide the church in two.