Here are some kibbutz/israel related links to sites that have a special meaning for me
Name Description
Tel-Katzir Official Tel-Katzir Homepage
RML The Israeli radio stations really suck, but luckily we could receive a Lebanese radio station called RML.
Israel News Up to date News from Israel!!

Here are some links to other sites, where you can find more information about kibbutzim
Name Description
Kibbutz Program Centre This is where you sign up, etc.
Kibbutz Volunteers Travel Guide List of kibbutzim in Israel, including some brief information (telephone numbers, etc.)
Lista de Kibbutzim Another list. The first one is probably better.
KIBBUTZ.NET Great site; offers a lot of information about kibbutzim
(Currently the domain still exists, but the content is taken offline)
Kibbutz Representatives Look up the names, addresses and telephone numbers of Kibbutz Representatives in Your country A dutch page about travelling. It's a pretty good site, with loads of links to other sites (but, it's all in Dutch)
kibbutz volunteer Site from a former volunteer
Search for volunteers Post the names of those you are looking for and hopefully they will visit here one day and contact you.
(or have a look if someone else is looking for you)
kibbutzlife site with info on kibbutzim from a former volunteer

If any of the links are broken, or if you know other usefull links, send an email to : kibbutz_at_excudo_dot_net
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