How Do I Sign Up
Are there any requirements? There most certainly are!
You have to sign up at the Kibbutz Program Centre in Tel Aviv and they want a few things from u. For a copy of the official requirements from the Kibbutz Program Center, click here: Requirements
What do i need to bring with me?
  1. A sense for adventure
  2. Things like clothing (don't have to bring that much, it's pretty warm in Israel [too hot during the summer if u ask me] and work clothing is provided by the kibbutz), toiletries, some money. In other words, the usual stuff you take with you when you go away for a while
  3. And most important of all, all the things as stated in the official requirements
Is the Kibbutz Program Center on the internet? Yup! For specific questions about places in kibbutzim, etc, you can write directly to the Kibbutz Volunteers Office in Tel Aviv at
Or visit their webpage
Or........ You can also contact a Kibbutz Representative in Your own country. You can look up the names, addresses and telephone numbers using: