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posted on March 21, 2001 at 19:57:48 by AdmIn
The good news is:
i finally managed to get the background image + colour right! (only took me about 3 months...)

The bad news is:
I somehow lost my webspace at NBCi. I don't understand yet why, i never violated any rules but still they closed my account. I can't access it via ftp either. Becauz of that almost no one is visiting this site becauz in all the search engines i'm listed as I emailed them asking for an explanation, but haven't heard a thing. It totally sux.
Well, i guess i have to start submitting my site again using the new url: which looks much kewler anywayz.

More bad news: i still haven't been able to retrieve the old messages, but i haven't given up yet

Write something nice here. It looks so pathetic - me, the webmaster, the only one signing this guestbook.....

Yours Constructly,

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posted on March 13, 2001 at 17:45:23 by MaRTy
Tamir, your email address doesn't work anymore. Neither does mine (temporarily), but when i tried to send you my new email address i got a failure notice.
Anyways, by clicking on my name (at the top of this message) you can send me an email, to my new address.

Howz things in Israel? Already preparing yourself to go into the army? You should, cauz that crazy Saddam Hussain is making an army (consisting of volunteers) to free Jerusalem. Better watch him, he was stupid enough to attack Kuwait too.

I really enjoyed the little reunion in The Hague. Next year we're gonna have an even better one!

Take Care buddy

posted on March 13, 2001 at 17:33:40 by Da aDMiN
I might be able to retrieve the messages from the last guestbook. A friend's gonna help me with it cauz it involves some pretty complicated stuff. But, you'll notice soon enough..

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posted on March 08, 2001 at 13:24:45 by Da aDMiNiSTRaToR
Damn, it happened again!!!!
I lost the entire guestbook :-(((

This guestbook is written in a special language (php) and requires a special server. The university had such a server and so i had put it there. But some kind of @!#$ decided to pull the plug of that server without notifying me first. I had a backup of the forum, but unfortunately that backup was on a HD that has recently crashed and died :-((

So, we've got an empty guestbook once more. I really hate this. I'm now using another host (, for the forum (and also for the feedback form, which is written in the same language)

I'm really sorry for the inconvinience

Yours Constructly,