The Kibbutz Page

The Kibbutz Page

This page is maintained by me, a former volunteer (from kibbutz Tel-Katzir).
The reason i created it, is that
  • i wanted to give you all a glimps of the fantastic time i had there and make an attempt to explain what it was that made it so great.
  • to create a website for anyone interested on this topic, ranging from people just surfing the internet to those actively seekeing information becauz they want to become a volunteer themselves
So, what you can expect to find here is information about kibbutzim (and volunteers) in general (What is a kibbutz?), about the life in a kibbutz (Tel-Katzir), personal experiences from (former) volunteers (and not just me!) (The volunteers), how you can sign up, what the requirements are, etc (How do i sign up?) and pictures, links to other sites, a guestbook, etc etc, just click on the relevant links in the menu.
And best off all, if there's anything you're looking for and you can't find it here, please let me know and i'll do something about it right away. (But please, have a look at the FAQ first before you do so)

I hope you all like it. Please sign my guestbook if you do.
If you don't like it, sign it as well, i can use the feedback to improve this website

Last Update: Sep 2009


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